Happy employees work better. Beyond essential productivity, they show more inspiration, commitment, and curiosity for innovation. At Inlanefreight, we always strive to do what we can to ensure that all our team members benefit from better work experience. One of the best ways we do this is through flexible work schedules.

In the technology sector, we know exactly how fast the world is changing. To stay at the top, we have learned to be fast and adaptable to continue to grow. We are currently rethinking the traditional office model and are working with our team members on an optimized concept.

As part of our employee strategy, the Connected Workplace program for our offices in Brighton, Oberhausen, and Denver is designed to encourage employees to try new ways of doing their jobs. The focus is on increasing the success of the company rather than on where the work is done. Qualified employees can live the work style that best meets their professional and personal needs. The following options for flexible working are available:

  • Mobile: As a full-time employee, you perform all tasks one to four days a week at a location other than the primary site, based on a formal, ongoing work schedule or work agreement.
  • Remote: You work as a full-time employee exclusively at a location other than the primary location (without a personal workspace at the primary location).